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Re: Shoot RAW, and use aRGB - a colour tutorial

Shoot RAW, or at least aRGB. If you must shoot JPEGs only, use aRGB colour space for everything except posting to the web.

I've been into this issue since Photoshop first added color management (and defaulted to sRGB).  Anyone really curious may enjoy this exhaustive discussion:

Personally, I don't shoot things that are out of sRGB gamut, to speak of, so sRGB JPEGs are perfectly fine. If I have any special situations, I just shoot RAW and then color space is irrelevant.  What color space to edit in is another discussion, really, and if output is sRGB I see little reason to use 16 bit wide gamut spaces.  The big corrections (if any) are in processing from RAW down to the editing space, so I don't have trouble with banding from doing large 8 bit color corrections.

The logic of using aRGB for in camera 8 bit JPEG eludes me.  Shooting crater lake and not having RAW as an option?

FWIW the red car shifting to pink is a problem with rendering to sRGB, not a fundamental problem with the color space. Done properly the out of gamut color would be mapped to the same hue as the nearby reds.  Absolute colorimetric instead of perceptual perhaps?

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