Kit Lens for OMD EM-5: 14-42 or 12-50

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Re: Kit Lens for OMD EM-5: 14-42 or 12-50

Chatokun wrote:

Atlasman wrote:

I own both the (14-42 VII) and if image quality is your aim, the 14-42 wins hands down.

I have yet to take the 12-50 out on a photo excursion. I own it for one simple reason: it's weather sealed and I could use it in light rain.

Actually, according to the tests here, the 12-50mm beats the 14-42 II in MTF. This isn't everything that makes a lens better, but I'd have to see the difference and judge myself, since the MTF is pretty significantly different between the two lenses (at center). They were tested at 30mm, so maybe that's it.

Personally I've only had the 12-50mm. I've used a Pany 14-42, but I wasn't impressed with the quality.

I can tell you that image sharpness and detail is far better on the 14-42. Go have a look at and their tests confirm my conclusions.

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