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ConanFuji wrote:

On my challenge, "Out and Proud", our dear host Ruth stated publically on the comments section, "I happen to have a member of my family who is gay, but there is no way I would enter a photo of him/her, or any friends, in this challenge and be open to the ridicule and derision from voters and members with narrow mind-sets."

Firstly, it should seem Ruth views there is a negative aspect about the Challenge.... I wonder what is it

Secondly while she is adverse about people forming public (or private) negative opinions about her relative's photo, she has no problem to opine the voting community (whom she urges to vote in her challenge) as narrow minded.  Who was she referring to?  I certainly don't know.... But it's someone from the dp community who ridicule and deride Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals.

IMO, just as Hosts and Entrants wants and deserves respect, so do The Voters.  Ruth the Great needs to get off her high horse as judge and jury of the community.

I can see nothing wrong with Ruths comments & far from being as you say "judge & jury of the community" she is in fact one of the most helpfull & popular members of this forum & also in my view one of the best challenge hosts.

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