Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: I like the term "make a photograph!"

Paul Farace wrote:

it conveys some amount of thought and control over the output...

I have a dear friend who after years of correcting her, still says "you take nice pitchers!"

Are these vessels that contain liquids or important baseball players?

Oh well...   she like the images that I make!  

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Holding a camera, any camera, reduces my blood pressure, calms my nerves, and gives me a sense of opportunity!

I wonder about "making a photograph" in most instances. Around 1997 there was a pro photographer who got someone to fly a small high-wing airplane at 500 feet altitude along country roads while he took pictures of houses (such as ours) that were about 300 to 500 feet apart.. He was quite experienced at that type of photography and used real pro-level Nikon SLRs and lenses. He then developed the color film and drove along the roads to show small prints of his photos with the aim of selling 10x5 inch prints mounted on a nice wooden board that one could hang on a wall or display on a table, all for $100.

I bought one mounted print of our place because he really captured the shot while hanging out a door frame with his safely gear and camera. He did not do any post processing and had no Photoshop. The capture (if I may use that term) was great but the colors were uninspiring. When I show the mounted print to people, their reaction is minimal, or "ho-hum." Years later, I scanned the image on a good flat-bed scanner and got a tiff. The tiff was still boring on a large monitor. I then opened Photoshop and clicked AutoLevels. The picture suddenly looked fantastic to me and everyone who looked at it.

So, do I get credit for "making" a picture? I sure hope not. I just clicked the mouse. The pro did all the work in 1997 at 80 mph while hanging out of an airplane. (He did sell quite a few mounted prints, BTW.)


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