Lack of VR in Nikon 300mm f4 - big deal or not?

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John M Roberts Senior Member • Posts: 2,631
Re: Utilizing VR is "LEARNING HOW..."

ABA DABA wrote:

Gee I can't imagine how all the sports and other photographers managed to get the outstanding shots prior to having VR .

And they will be able to enhance their abilities as well with the choice of having VR.

I don't remember having a switch on my Canon or Nikon lenses. If you have VR or other styles of vibration reduction TURN IT OFF AND LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR GEAR.

Yes, turn it off to learn at what point you would like to employ VR.

Accepting advancements in development and using them to their advantage is a part of learning your gear. Why limit yourself? There doesn't seem to be much disregard concerning the obvious advantages provided by digital over film. Consider the wonderful improvement of speedlights from years past when much more was required. VR is part of the wonderful offerings that can let one utilize or not.

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