A guy with a GXR walks into a camera shop...

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A guy with a GXR walks into a camera shop...

My wife and I are on a short trip up the California Coast and, as she loves to do, she has found every great shopping destination on the map. So I'm killing time the other day while she tries to add to her seemingly endless wardrobe and I spot a camera shop! Fantastic. I had a small shoulder bag with me and my GXR-M/CV50 1.1 slung and decided to walk in. First guy looks at my camera and asks, "What is that?" I tell him. He asks what mount the lens is, I tell him M. He asks what adapter I'm using, and I tell him none. Mind you, this is a sizable shop, like Samy's in LA, so I am finding things playfully amusing.

Then he asks what else I shoot on and I show him my X100S, which he is thrilled to see since they have none in stock. Upon asking me how I like the Fuji, I spill glorious praise, because I really do love the X100S. Then he tells me that I could get similar results using my M lenses with adapter on an X-E1 or X Pro 1. Now, I have owned both of those and used them extensively prior to switching over to the GXR, so I am well aware of what they are capable of.

At this point another guy comes out and is hovering. The first guy tells me I should check with the second guy to see if they would buy my GXR and get me into the X-E1. The second guy immediately states that they wouldn't purchase the GXR, even before I could say that it wasn't for sale. Still having fun though.

Then the first guy hands me the X-E1 and an M adapter to try to sell it to me anyway. I don't know what I was thinking, maybe that I had plenty of time to kill, but I gave it a shot. Oh what a mess! I am VERY familiar with the Fuji, so that wasn't the problem, but over the next 10 minutes, of messing around (the store was empty) I realized once again why I had the GXR for my M lenses.

Anyhow, at the end of the exorcize, I am handing the Fuji back and remounting my 50 on the GXR when a third guy walks out from the back, sees me, and says, "Whoa, I'll buy that right now!" Turns out he had been looking for a GXR-M with VF2. The first guy looks up and says, "now you can buy the X-E1."

The X-E1 is a great camera, and I am a HUGE Fuji fan. I love the image quality. I love being able to shoot at 6400 ISO when I have to. I love the RF styling and the built in VF. I really love so much about them. Actually, if I was going to invest in a system of AF lenses as I did in the past, I would go with the X Pro 1 because I love the OVF and really got along great with it.

Things being how they are, however, I much prefer shooting my Leica and CV M Mount lenses, and this Fuji was just a no no for me. It wasn't even a choice. I turned them down but stayed and bought a waist pack for my upcoming trip to Paris, as I hear those are safer to carry in front of you vs a shoulder bag or backpack.

Moving on, I am not saying the concept of the GXR is great or not great, since I only use it with the M Module anyway, but as a camera, it is such a remarkably useful tool with a well thought out interface and extraordinary handling capability, that I am reluctant, nay, I refuse to give it up, even in the face of better IQ and higher ISO. The GXR is still very relevant in my mind, and it will take some work for Fuji to be able match it. Not that they won't, because I think it is on the horizon, but it's just not happening now.

I keep seeing/hearing that the GXR is discontinued, and that makes me sad, but not if a refresh in the works. With the release of the new GR, I hope it is some indication that Ricoh is sticking around, and that maybe, just maybe, we may see the GXR live on in some form. If not, I'll have to buy up a few for my personal use until I take a bite of that Leica M sandwich or see what Fuji does next.

Long live the GXR...

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