which mac for photo editing

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Re: which mac for photo editing

Pic Man wrote:

this one seems to have the best specs for the money.

1. Don't buy from that supplier. It's cheaper than from Apple as it's a grey import of a non UK machine (IE the wrong keyboard). Buy from Apple.

2. It's a dual core machine. A quad core will give you better longevity.

3. The 13" screen size is a bit cramped but then you can use external screens of course.

4. HD 4000 is 'good enough' but if you try and do anything that needs a 'proper' GPU it will not be enough.

My recommendation, go for the 15" MBP.

Disclaimer: I have the retina MBP (16GB, 2.7, 512GB) , a huge upgrade from an older 13" MBP.

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