Obama backs Internet sales tax bill

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Re: Most people won't change their habits

taintedcamera wrote:

nordilux wrote:

This has been in the working for a long, long time and is aimed to get the finances of states in order (something like 35 out of 50 states are in the reds). I know, it all sucks for us consumers but in all honesty, it isn't a fair playing field for brick and mortars that have to compete.

It was just a matter of time before this was going to happen.

Fine for the State coffers, but for smaller brick and mortars it won't make for much improvement. It is the convenience of home shopping, with inventory that most smaller businesses can't carry thats driving the internet shopping preference.
Even if they do carry the item, the price is always difficult to match. And a lot of people don't figure in the shipping cost, or ignore it completely in favor of having it delivered to their door.

8% (actually 8.25, but let's keep the math simple) on a $3,000 camera is $240.  That's real money to most people.

Personally, and I know many who agree, I detest shopping on line.  I want to touch and feel the product before I buy and have someone to beat over the head with it if it doesn't work.

I will buy on line if it saves me more than 10% or so.  I will also buy things on line that are not available elsewhere.  Otherwise I will go to a local store if available or a chain if not.  At least the chain is supporting the local economy to an extent.

The equal treatment of retailers will make a big difference to the local and national stores.

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