Anyone else upset the new 5DIII looks like it will not fix the AF point Illumination issue?

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Re: this doesn't help track a moving subject

dave_bass5 wrote:

Yeah, i can see how its a bit of a pain for some. In that case i would use expanded AF point and AI Servo, but again, not ideal.

In AI Servo mode, the problem is even worse, because the selected AF point never lights up at all. If you're trying to track a moving subject in AI Servo mode, and both the subject and the background are dark, it's more than a pain -- it's virtually impossible.

I shoot stages where the entire scene is so dark, I can't see the edges of the viewfinder frame. In such cases, there's just no way to keep a non-illuminated AF point over the subject. Even using just the center AF point isn't a solution when you can't see the edges of the viewfinder frame, and have lost reference as to where the center of the frame is with respect to the subject.

For much of my work, expanded AF points is not an option, as I'm trying to track one individual among a group of closely-spaced, rapidly-moving dancers.

I'm really happy that Canon did deliver a fix for the 1DX. I'm hopeful that Canon will deliver a fix for the 5D3, if only for Manual mode.

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