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Re: What About Medium & Large Format Cameras

donaldsc wrote:

You left out all the medium and large format cameras out there - Mimiya, Phase One, Hasselblad and also backs for large format cameras.  The name is of this site is Digital Photography Review and is not limited to small cameras.

The large format cameras will beat the smaller format cameras hands down.

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FujiFilm and Pentax are medium format camera companies.

DPReview is also a site where a lot of amatures hang out, not sure if many here own a $25,000.00 Hasselblad (base for their digital doo-hicky). Also Hasselblad, Rollie and Mamiya still make film cameras which are way more affordable. Toyo, Horseman and Arca Swiss... Well they're still primarily film camera companies and digital backs are digital backs not cameras... We might as well add in flatbed and film scanners then too since they are technically cameras.

So what about Epson and HP?

Then there's Holga, Diana and Lomo among others (Voigtlander)...

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