Modern day answer to the Finepix F30?

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Re: Modern day answer to the Finepix F30?

Robert Fox wrote:

I have a Finepix F30 point and shoot to compliment my DSLR (Canon 20D still) - The Finepix has never let me down, and I am still amazed at how good it performs in low light, how fast it is to use (turn on and off) - and especially the battery life.  The quality of the pictures are excellent considering it's a Point and Shoot . . .

Any suggestions on a modern day equivalent (a suggested compact camera for DSLR users as a complimentary camera) -  High ISO performance is important to me as well as quick startup & shutdown - and long battery.

After half a century shooting with film SLRs (and  exclusively with a collection of prime lenses), the Fujifilm F30 was, for me:

  • My first digital camera; 
  • My first pocketable camera; and 
  • My first chance to use a zoom lens of any kind

The F30 served me well for 3-1/2 years, when I purchased an F70EXR, which I used alongside the F30 for six months until I became fully convinced that it was an upgrade to the F30, which I then sold.

Now, having recently purchased a Fujifilm XF1 (keeping the F70EXR for the nonce), I find it shares a 2013 version of all of the qualities that impelled me to purchase of the F30 back in 2006:

  • A very large sensor for a pocketable camera (the X10/X20 are nice, but my pockets are not that large) 
  • A best-in-class lens (the F30's lens suffered significant purple fringing in strong contrast backlit situations, but otherwise ran circles around the output of my friends' Sony and Panasonic cameras) 
  • Excellent battery life -- IF  the lens is fully retracted (camera turned off, not just put in standby) when the camera is not in active use.
  • Still pocketable 
  • Manual (sort of) controls when desired

Until shortly before I purchased it, I had assumed that the 25-100 equivalent lens in the XF1 is the same lens as that used in the X10 and X20, just tweaked a but to move it even closer to the sensor and allow it to retract fully.  I was wrong:  the XF1 lens appears to be better in every way, with fewer elements in fewer groups, yet with more aspheric elements than the X10/X20 lens and more extra low dispersion glass elements than the X10/X20 lens, and an enhanced version of the Fujinon Super EBC lens coating applied to all 14 element surfaces.  I wish that it could hold to wider apertures at longer focal lengths as the X10/X20 lens does, but that is the price that one must pay, I guess.

There is no aspect of performance in which the XF1 does not beat the F30 -- usually by a very wide margin.  It is a worthy successor.

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