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Re: PSE vs LR

Not mentioned by anyone else yet is the question, do you shoot RAW, or JPEG? LR 4 (presumably 5 as well) is great for recovering highlights, shadows etc. I bought LR4 as I had started shooting RAW all the time on my aged Nikon D50. It really improved the photos from the camera. However you will not benefit so much if you shoot JPEG as the ability to adjust these files is diminished compared to RAW. I now have a Nikon D300 (yep another oldie!). But have not tried the 14 bit Raw mode available on this camera.

LR4 does not do layers, however as you know when editing files you are not making direct changes to the original image, the edits are stored in a database and can be reversed. Also it is very easy to batch process files, eg suddenly discovered you have underexposed every photo by 1 stop, then you can easily apply the correction to all of the shots, or selected ones in the library.

I do turn to other editors occasionally, notably PAINT.NET and/or Perfect Effects 4 - both are free.

As others have suggested, try the LR5 beta download and see what you think. I beleive its also possible to download a trial of PSE as well.

Good luck.

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