HS50EXR vs SL1000.Anyone compared these 2 camera?

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Re: HS50EXR vs SL1000.Anyone compared these 2 camera?

The SL1000 v the Canon SX50 seems to be the hard choice to make... as a stop-gap till (maybe) Fuji sort themselves out with an XS-2. The HS50exr just doesn't appear to be good enough to justify the problems it carries.

Way I see it -- and I do want to buy a long-zoom -- Fuji are being too oddly evasive about the XS-1 to trust it (a pity, since I would have purchased one yesterday if that wasn't so), and the Panasonic FZ200 is quite tempting but comparatively over-priced for a noisy little sensor maybe being pushed too far. Shallow depth of field at 2.8 partly negates its ability to have a higher shutter speed at 400asa or below, and the sensor is not very appealing above 400 ... in this lower-light part of the country (or further up north) for most of the year I'd on the whole prefer to have a faster film speed equivalent.

So it comes down to a choice between the SL100 and the SX50, neither of which is ideal but at least they do offer a lot that's useful.

It's good that all the above mentioned are not cluttered up with stuff that's nothing to do with taking a photo -- absolutely no desire for a popup toaster with the ability to tell me exactly where I amn't on facegook whilst sending emails or whatever, and happens to have a camera stuck on as an afterthought.

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