Very curious about the successor to SX50HS (SX60HS?)

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Re: Very curious about the successor to SX50HS (SX60HS?)

Radbul wrote:

Hello all, In Canon SX50 successor (Canon SX60) a must be in my opinion: )Panasonic Lumix FZ200's EVF has a much higher 1.3 million dot resolution- EVF resolution doubled vs SX50 (at least 400,000pixels resolution or better i.e.:  - Recording Full HD with 30fps(finally as 23.9fps now is too stuttery and years behind competition ), 720p with 60fps. (and super speed mode 640x420@120fps, 320x200@300fps would be nice as well but not essential) - Make it faster: at least 2fps with AF(also increase to 4fps with AF/AE lock) It would be really good to have(if not in SX60 then definitively as must be in it's successor Canon SX70 model): - Faster AF with more AF points. - Manual focus ring (like in Fujifilem HS50EXR again nice DSLR feel) - Manual zoom (apart from automatic as an option i.e.: Fujifilem HS50EXR nice DSLR feel) - SD card UHS I standard support.(or maybe even UHS II)
- USB 3.0 support. - Screen 3" with 1,040,000 resolution. - ISO 50-12800 also better in low light (maybe time to use bigger sensor? like 1/8" or 1/1.7") - Optical zoom x60  20mm-1200mm or 22mm-1320mm or 24mm-1440mm Not neccesary but would be nice: - More efficient/more voluminous battery or maybe better 4xAA(as it used to be in SX1 and earlier SX20) - Battery charging through USB 3.0. - Record RAW video in stereo. Canon could actually develop (along SX60) a more "posh" hybrid model SX2 (similar to SX1 few years ago) more expensive but with more options and better materials used.  - price - it can be the same or even more expensive than SX50(but no more than 50%) - - weight, it can be heavier than SX50(but no more than 30%) - dimensions, it can be larger than SX50(but no more than 30%) - resolution, no need to rise above 12.1megapixels (4000x3000) yet but don't downgrade either. I do not care so much about: - Hot shue. - RAW/RAW+JPEG/HDR mode. - amazing articulated vari-angle screen Please do keep at all costs: - Bring back: filters fit 58mm possibility (like in: SX40, SX1, SI5 and earlier models - not documented by Canon but all 58mm filters could be mounted without buying any adaptors) - Flash range 6m or more. - Better weather sealing. - Better panorama/360 degree stitch mode. - Remote control (like in SX1) - Printed user guide. - 2x SD card slots (mode to record movie on one and save photos on other, mirror mode etc.) - GPS chip. - SD card slots accessible while on tripod. All the best

I don't have a problem with what you would like to see in the SX60 (?) Keep in mind the cost will no doubt increase.

Comparing the FZ200 to the SX50 is not entirely equal when a person considers the difference in cost. I believe the FZ200 is approximatley 200.00 more.  I would expect more if I were paying an additional $200.00 but that is subjective. To each their own.

Also, Not everybody buying an SX50 is going to have Lightroom or PS. The software that Canon provides seems to be a step ahead of the software provided with the FZ200 IMO. This area is covered in DPR's review of both cameras.

Edit, I do not own an SX50 or the FZ200 but I think both are very fine cameras. It's like the old Ford/Chev arguement. Some like Fords, Some like Chevs, Some like Canon, Some like Panasonic or whatever other manufacturer.

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