3 Try Landscape 16-85 VR

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Re: 3 Try Landscape 16-85 VR

demarren 123 wrote:

VidJa wrote:


Pictures from The Netherlands. I won't comment on the pictures itself since I think all has been said. (I like the canal shots and indeed, concentrate on the reflections.)

To be honest, I'm a bit jealous because the 16-85 with the D3200 is a really capable and affordable combo. I still have to do with my 7 year old D50.(I'll post some from the sunrise this weekend)

With regards to landscape photography, The Netherlands offers some great views (albeit no mountains glowing in sunrise) and fantastic ways for minimalistic images.

I you really want to dive into landscape stuff go have a look at the tutorials and images

luminous landscape  tutorials & wealthy men's opinions

Ian Cameron an 'old school' landscape photographer

Joe Cornish an 'even older school' landscape photographer

Adam Burton another landscape photographer

Hay Heuts Dutch stuff

Thank you for the links I will watching them all.

btw, there are some really nice pictures in your flickr stream and do yourself a favour: shoot raw, download a trial of Adobe Lightroom, learn how to use it and get rid of those eye blinding colors Nikon thinks we like.

I already use Light room but shooting raw,I think at least I need some lessons how to process raw files. To be Useful,I am not that great in working witch Adobe light room.

The easy stuff yes,but I need A raw work floor and have no id how to proceed.

As far I understand there are lens profiles for my lenses,

But how Do I know my raw file will produce a good JPG.

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For  the moment shoot RAW and jpg!!!

Then you can't go wrong

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