Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

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I do not use ACR routinely and am traveling right now and do not have access to the program.  I believe that the default sharpening is deconvolution, while the USM, which is located above it, is set to zero.

AFAIK sliders in ACR and LR are named identically - from top to bottom: amount, radius, detail, masking. If you import RAW files the default setting is amount 25, radius 1.0, detail 25 and masking 0. I'm still not sure if you really can use different sharpening techniques with those sliders - the sliders are pretty straightforward, and that points to a single method being used IMO (whichever it is): "Amount" controls the increase of edge contrast; "radius" the size of the region where it will be applied; "detail" the size of elements that will be sharpened (smaller elements will be sharpened only with higher numbers) and "masking" controls if sharpening is applied to areas of uniform color/structure.

The only other LR tool using a different sharpening technique that comes my mind is the clarity slider in the "presence" subsection of the "treatment" section. It it increases mid tone contrast and this way also acts like a kind of sharpening. Maybe you meant this one?

In my workflow, I use USM only for creative or output sharpening.  In the raw stage, I prefer deblurring/deconvolution by itself.   If you want to see incredibly good deconvolution, give Photo Ninja a try.  PN is a pretty amazing program.

You got me interested, Rob. I'll download the demo version and will give it try. Probably won't find the time before Sunday, though...


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With Photo Ninja, take time learning the presets and adjustment tools, and I think your efforts will be rewarded.  It's a very easy program to use, but the structure and flow are somewhat different from most other raw convertors.


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