D7100 or K-5IIs

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Re: D7100 or K-5IIs

SMACRAE wrote:

On the fence between the K-5IIs and the D7100

Have no lenses but am unsure of which to get. Any ideas?

I like the more rugged body of the pentax and from comparing images it seems the pentax is as sharp or sharper at high iso


"IF", you don't have any valuable Nikon lenses i would encourage to look into Pentax, in-camera stabilization alone seems very nice.  I have never taken photos with the camera, but i myself have asked the same question as you.  I have only seen some photos from what many kind folks posted for me so that i can have an idea of what kind of "colors" it takes.  To me that is everything, the color output and skin tone look.  To me Nikon's skin tones look too fake under some circunstances, that's the only thing i really don't like about Nikon cameras after the D700.  BUT many say that Nikon colors in general are more natural and accurate, which i do agree on.

Go to a store, take SD cards and shoot some photos with and without external flash and see what you like best for YOUR liking and yours only, and don't worry about what anybody else says, it all has to do with what you like.  Like many have said, Nikon forum will tell you Nikon is best because they have better lenses and this and that, and Pentax will say that they are better.

THE ONLY reason why i have stopped looking into Pentax is becuse a couple of monts ago i bought a Fuji S5 PRO that really kicks ass, and because that camera only takes my existing Nikon mount lenses, that's why i couldn't waste them and i would have to purchase brand new Pentax lenses on the side plus the new camera, and i just can't afford to do that.

What i like about the Pentax is that it is only 16MP and from what i have seen, the image quality is about the same as the Nikon D7100, but i will say that camera and lenses color output will be different of course.  The AF of the K5IIs seems excellent also.  Remember that high MP don't mean ANYTHING unless you are printing super large prints, so don't fall into that mumble jumbo nonsense that is going around.  I am sure you already read the reviews on the D7100 vs. the D7000/D5200 and they are all very good, infact the D7100 only has a slight improvement over the D7000 which is also a very good camera.  If you shoot in RAW with any of these cameras you will hardly see any difference at normal sizes.  Just remember this, if you are a pixle peeper then you are definitely screwed, but if you don't need large prints you WILL be very happy with either one.  I think they both are great cameras indeed.

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