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Re: Golden Gate Bridge at Night - 6D - Critique Welcome

I don't know why people top-post, but I'll follow along, so as to not break up the flow...

When someone posts "critique welcome", I take that as implied consent to demonstrate the actual changes suggested.  If the OP objects to that, I have no problem removing the picture from my gallery, which I intend to do, anyway, in a few days.

Regarding the "rule of thirds" - yes, it is almost a cliche, and rules are meant to be broken, but the reason it is a "rule" is because it works.  Violate the rule only if your picture is stronger by doing something else.  Other photographers and artists will know what you are doing, but the average Joe consumer will not, and only feel the impact of the technique.

I watched a film the other night, "Confidential Report" by Orson Wells, and was really struck by the camera work.  Probably 80%+ of the scenes used "rule of thirds", often with one subject in one corner at the one-third mark, playing against another subject diagonally opposite in the other corner.  Very powerful.

rrr_hhh wrote:

I like that crop too. This is what I had in mind when I made a remark about it some post above (but I didn't dare to post Amy own crop using someone else picture).

MrScorpio wrote:


I agree. This crop makes the image stronger. Something did not appeal to me in the original shot, but this crop is very pleasing IMO.

billythek wrote:

billythek wrote:

It is a different look.  To my taste, though, I'd prefer the bridge to be a little larger and positioned at the 1/3 down, 1/3 in point.  That would also fix the ratio of sky to water.  Just my opinion, of course.

This is what I mean.  Note that I had your jpeg as a starting point.  You can do better with the RAW file.  I would do something about the vignetting, too, if I were you.

Since you are using the 17-40, you might try using the DLO feature of DPP.  I've heard it does wonders for that lens.

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- Bill

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