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John W Hall Contributing Member • Posts: 549
Re: Photomatix

Nice one, Malch.

(can't edit my earlier post so adding info here)

I have one that I've never been completely satisfied with...!i=2474651512&k=PvW2bWp&lb=1&s=O

I processed this several years go and don't recall all my feelings from that time, but it needed some HDR or there would not be much to see. I tried several variations and this is what I settled for - fairly basic but restrained HDR with Photomatix. It is 'obviously' tweaked, but is it excessive?

It does still give me the feeling I had when I shot it - I feel sort-of-invited into some of the homes in the foreground.

I do plan a re-shoot, with a better sky and an aircraft on approach to YYC.

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