Canon PIXMA Pro-100 $114 After Rebate

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Darryl E Mylrea Regular Member • Posts: 194
Re: Canon PIXMA Pro-100 $114 After Rebate

vamat wrote:

i think they raised the price! the printer is $429 and the paper is $76 right now, which makes the total $505. With the rebate deal, it will set you back $205 for the pair.  (an authorized Canon seller) has the PRO-100 plus the required pack of paper needed for the $300 rebate for $449, free shipping and no sales tax (at least in my overtaxed state of CA).  After $300 rebate, total cost is $149.  Considering the ink is worth $125, the printer is practically free!

I bought two in FEB (me and a friend) when the rebate was $200 (but the printer was $399) and have been very happy with its color output and no-clog problem.  I'm buying another just because the deal is so good.

FYI, the AMEX rebate card comes VERY quickly.  For both of mine, they took only 2 weeks.

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