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As I scroll through reviews on Amazon, of the new Nikon D3200 / Rebel t4i / and even higher end Canikon models, I am struck by how many "it was bad right out of the box" type reviews... there are so many complaints about dust, poor quality control, and even people saying things like, "this WILL be a 5 star camera someday, as soon as they fix these problems..."

This is stuff you rarely, if ever, hear about Olympus gear... even the low-end E-xxx models just seem to go and go, and have few problems --- certainly not right out of the box!

So, I say Olympus is doing it right, at least in the quality control dept.


Consider that Canon sells probably at least 100 cameras for every 1 Olympus sells. Therefore, you have 100X the number of customers who are likely to complain, as well as 100X the possibility of a defective product. Given that customers are 10X more likely to complain than praise a product, you may just as well be seeing a normal average of complaints based on the much greater number of Canon customers.

Not that I'm saying Olympus doesn't have good quality control, or Canon isn't without problems (I recall some sort of light leak issue with early 5D3s?), but to use the comparative number of negative reviews as "proof" of better Olympus quality is statistically flawed.

I have seven E- bodies and none of them ever have any problem. One E-510 I have reached over 80,000 SC and one E-520 over 60,000 and both are still running strong, and they are just entry level cameras, those are good quality products, I think many Oly users like me are based on their own experience to give credit to Oly

What charles is saying has a lot of logic and you aren't representative of the consumer as a whole. If you produce and sell more product than chances are you will have more defects and you will have more customers complain.
I'm not bashing anyone here but really lets see things fairly and take off the fanboy goggles. If canikon sells 2million entry level cameras and  Olympus sells 100k cameras and the defect rate is 2% for both . . .that amount of defects produced by canikon is clearly going to be higher.
The other thing is canikon also seem to always be on the cutting edge, their products tend to be more complex and will have a greater risk of defeciency just as the newer m4/3 products are facing. The other thing is Olympus seems to also deny some of the problems that has plagued some of their bodies, namely the focusing on the e-3 and the focusing of the 14-35 for example while canon will usually issue an official statement and solution not long after. You can see past news articles here yourself you don't believe that.
You get some people who clearly see a problem and some who are in denial or don't have another brand to compare to make them realize what they have isn't up to snuff. A pro body with a megabuck lens like the 14-35 shouldn't be a hit or miss experience as it's been for people considering this lens was produced and sold to an extremely low amount.

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