Can Amazon do this?

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right, as long as it's really a mistake

RealPancho wrote:

I worked in retail for many years and it's my understanding that they are required to sell you one unit at the price listed or it's false advertisement.  Now I'm no lawyer but we had to sell items at times because they were incorrectly marked.

The reality of online and brick & mortar retailers are not the same. I'm not sure what the implications for the OP are, but I too worked in retail for many years, and when a child can pick up the price card for a $199 portable TV and place it on a $2,000 big screen, no retailer can be forced to sell the latter for $199.

Yes, in the U.S. the retailer is not obligated to honor a mistakenly advertised price, as long as they can reasonably claim it was a mistake. I managed a camera store for several years, and this happened to us occasionally -- our weekly newspaper ad would go out with a typo on one price or another. We did not have to -- and did not -- honor those mistaken prices.

But the store's owner told me that there was one possible legal exposure: if the store had a pattern of frequently making those kinds of mistakes, a case could be made against it for intentional false advertising. So he was extra careful about making sure we didn't advertise mistaken prices very often.

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