Do you print with the intent to view under certain lighting?

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Re: Do you print with the intent to view under certain lighting?

E Dinkla wrote:

Where possible (known display conditions) I first make proofs to similar lighting. For photography in general given the usual display conditions a somewhat warmer viewing light than 5000-5500K is wise, a Solux near 4000K for example. Use papers with no or a lower OBA content too, so not the coolest papers you can find. There are papers that have a high white reflection based on other components than Optical Brightening Agents. They have more paper white constancy in different light conditions and so "metamerism" will happen less in the image too. Have a piece of your usual framing glass around too and check its influence at 2mm distance on the print with the display light you expect. Water white glass (no iron content) will give the best transparency and light transmission so need the least adapation. Normal window - cheap framing glass cuts a bit of UV already, has a green cast and a lower light transmission. Any effective UV light cutting glass for protection will tend to be yellow and nullify the fluorescence/reflection effect of OBA papers. Acrylic glazing exists with a variety of optical properties too.

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Thank you and everyone in this thread.  The prints are fine and match my monitor when viewed under the "right" light, however, this is something to consider when showing my work.

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