Small/phenomenal manual legacy prime lens

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Re: Small/phenomenal manual legacy prime lens

You may need to realize that the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 EX DN ($ 99 at B+H in its 'old version', $ 199 in its new arts version (same optics design, just metal and not plastic barrel)) is a worthy non-legacy lens

that is in E-mount, has AF, does annoying clicks in the bag and when focusing, but in image quality, it has it all : pop, wow factor, sharpness, color clarity, freedom of flare etc etc gives the Contax G 45 mm a run for the money. Their RAWS(or ARWs in Sony talk language) look as if they were already Lighhtroom processed ...

In super critical situations (pictures of a winter forest with millions of trees, bare branches etc which create 29 MB jpegs from the 24 MB RAW of a NEX 7 in 12 by 18 inch print resolution) the Contax G 45 just wins by a hair and its glory.

I have both lenses, these are my best horses! One available for $ 99, the other for $ 500+ of the bay, with its own doubts as to state of preservation, from a private buyer and no warrantee ...

My 2 cents, no more, no less; other that that the Contax G 45 outshines all those Leica Summi... lenses as well and may be the best lens in that focal length ever made. But I have not tested every S.. or K.. or ... lens, I have not.

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