Surprise IQ ...Comparison Results ..Ricoh GR vs. Nikon A vs. Sony NEX 3 N

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Re: Surprise IQ ...Comparison Results ..Ricoh GR vs. Nikon A vs. Sony NEX 3 N

viking79 wrote:

jimr wrote:

Eric...take a look...both in JPEG and RAW.  Compare the cost....

The NEX 3n is a good price, but pretend you buy the 20mm f/2.8 pancake to be comparable to the Coolpix A or GR, now you have $850 for the 3n.  I would rather have the GR or Coolpix.  I suppose with the 3n you could sell the 16-50mm and maybe only have $700 in it, but still, that is close to GR price.

Take the X100s and 3n, and buy the Zeiss 24/1.8 to be comparable and you are way over cost of X100s, and don't have a really nice OVF/EVF hybrid finder.

I get your point, the 3n performs well for cost, I don't deny that, but there are even better if you buy a used C3 or some Samsung models, etc, like an NX1000 with lens for $300 US.


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If you're using the MSRP for the 20/2.8 pancake, you should use the MSRP for the 16-50 too, which is also $350. So you would still end up at $500. I know that the 20/2.8 isn't part of a kit yet, but I'm sure it will when the next camera in the 3 or 5 series comes.

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