Which prime lens would be your pick in the 28-35mm range?

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Re: Which prime lens would be your pick in the 28-35mm range?

FChris180 wrote:

Hallo, I am looking for a prime lens in the 28-35mm range for my Canon 6d  as a walk-around for reportage and landscape work (I would also like to include the Zeiss distagon 25mm f2 in the list even if it's a bit too much on the wide side).

I was looking into Canon, Sigma and Zeiss (no AF is not a major issue and I am aware of field curvature with some lenses as the Zeiss 28mm f2).

Canon 28/2.8 IS

Canon 35/2 IS

Sigma 35/1.4

Zeiss distagon 28/2 or 35/2 (in case even the 25/2)

Which would be your personal choice?

Do you think that the new IS prime lenses from Canon - 28mm IS and 35mm IS - together with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 can provide a quite similar micro-contrast and rendition as the Zeiss lenses?

Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion,


i don't have any experience with the lenses you have mentioned above but i do own the canon 24mm f1.4II, tse 17mm/tse 24mm, 35mm f1.4 and zeiss 21mm 2.8 distagon, i have to say that the zeiss optic is the best of all of them. the canon tse17mm/tse 24mm come very close in IQ. i don't find having IS very critical in UW lenses.


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