best flash accessory for night run?

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: best flash accessory for night run?

b4cktr4ck wrote:

I would buy a monopod, an umbrella adapter, and a 24" umbrella then mount my flash on the monopod with the umbrella and hold it with my left hand while shooting with my right.  It is all there in Lighting101 on David Hobby's Strobist blog.

I really appreciate the feedback and the time taken, but honestly have you ever seen pro photographers at run events roaming around with umbrellas? me not, and the other night was no exception. yes they had monopods but on camera flash with diffuser or ring

You are right.  It is hard to walk around with such a setup.  On the other hand, many photographers will come early and work with officials to set up lights for their shoot.  They might, for example, have a light clamped to a sign or light post and work a spot that it illuminates.  You see this all the time at indoor events.  At an outdoor event it will tie you to a location, but that is often how it is done.

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