3 Try Landscape 16-85 VR

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Re: 3 Try Landscape 16-85 VR

demarren- I know you have good equipment because I participated in your 16-85VR thread

Equipment is a small part of the equation.  Now, the most important part is just learning the art of photography and using that tool that sits about 6" behind your camera (your brain).  And experience is key.

Do you have a flickr account?  In my opinion flickr is a great place to learn photography, probably better than here, because flickr is 99% all about the photo's while people here are 90% about hardware (and pixel peeping).

Also, flickr has tons of "groups".  You can find groups that are local to you in your country.  You can typically find VERY GOOD pictures that other people have taken that are somewhat local to you.  Then, go there, check out the scene, try to replicate their shot or something similar.  The point isn't to copy someone else's work, the point is to experience taking really good photos of really interesting scenes.  When you go to these places and see it with your own eyes it'll probably click for you.  Moreso than just driving around and taking random photos.  Also, you might even find local, experienced, photographers that you can go out and shoot with which would be really helpful.

I highly recommend participating in flickr or a local photography club/group.  I'm doing both and my photography experience/knowledge/skill has grown exponentially because of it.

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