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What software are you printing from? And, are you using the software to manage color with ICC profiles, or are you using the printer to manage color?

Brian A

If you are printing out of Photoshop, hopefully you installed the printing plugin. If you do not use the print preview option, you should get pretty close to perfect prints just using the plugin to print.

You could go the color managed workflow route using the proper ICC profiles for the papers you are using. Both should produce nice neutral prints.


I'm using Pshop to manage the color, I've installed the printing plug-in, the print preview option is pretty useless for some reason because it's showing a preview much darker than what's produced and darker than the same print from both Mpix Pro and my 410, I've d/l the ICC profiles from Ilford, but for the purposes of comparison I've been using Canon's own Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss.

It depends on when and what generates the preview, but late stage previews, displayed just before printing, generally aren't color managed. They are there so that you can see that the correct image is being printed, all of it is there, and how many pages are being printed.

The problem seems to be intermittently blocked jets, especially yellow.  One thing I didn't notice in the first run is that the gloss black isn't printing at all.  I've gotten the yellow unplugged, I think, but the black is still not performing.

If you have clogged nozzles, then you really can't expect much in the way of a quality print. Have you done a nozzle check print?

Brian A

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