16mm pancake?

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Re: 16mm pancake?

deryn wrote:

The 16mm has its limitations and if these are worked with then it is obvious some great pics can be produced. Someone not aware of its limitations might be really disappointed with the results though.

Sample variation may be an issue - I'm not sure.  But unless there really are bad copies out there (still being sold) and you get one, I'm not sure why people would be disappointed (unless expecting corner to corner sharpness shooting bricks walls wide open !)  You don't really have to work hard to deal with it, either.  iAuto will do the trick most of the time, because you'll be stopped down for subject matter where it matters, and wide open, you won't care.

Woud I buy the lens? I probably wouldn't be able to get the best from it and so I don't think I would consider it. That would leave me with expensive alternatives I guess.

I'd contend the opposite - that a lot of inexperienced photogs are disappointed that they don't get great images from expensive lenses.  (Not because they're any easier or harder to use, but the expectation is higher).

- Dennis

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