Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

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Re: Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

Not to stir the pot, but I thought you might find these of interest:

I started a thread on this topic way back when the K-5 IIs was closer to announcement. Which was aimed at investigating the effects of deblurring K-5 II images to weigh the overall benefits of the K-5 IIs in terms of IQ.

These were made using Raw Therapee and Topaz Detail 3 and are all 100% crops.

PS. I want to add that the version of Topaz Detail used in these samples was Beta and that the latest version has been received numerous improvements. Notably in the noise amplification areas which would undoubtedly improve the overall results further.

Aside from that, I tried to avoid sample areas where moire was visible to help keep things interesting. Unfortunately... the K-5 IIsexhibited moire in so many areas that it was near impossible to avoid it completely.

Hope this helps.

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