16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: 16MP sensor improvements?

Msnap wrote:

How much better is the new sensor that Olympus use in the E-PM2 and other recent models? I know it's higher resolution, but I imagine it has a measurable improvement in terms of Stops? Or can it just go to higher ISOs?


Its better in virtually every aspect.  Noise noticeably better in higher iso more dramatically so from 800 onward, however the files can be manipulated much better at any iso then the previous generation sensor.  Shadow noise is a leap above the older sensor.  Dynamic Range is also dramatically better at all iso's with iso 200 being a good 2 stops above the likes of the E5 and again with a bit more headroom to play with.

So basically whilst noise is somewhat better and DR also somewhat better te actual information being recorded is cleaner than the older generation (im talking the older Oly's here).  It also happens to go higher iso.  Interestingly if you were to look at Dxomark, iso 25600 on the EM5 is also about 1 stop higher in DR than the E5 at 6400 with about the same amount of noise.

My own real world testing has been similar.

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