NO More D660 OIL threads PLEASE

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Re: Kindergarten II, the Sequel

I'm with you, friend.

These people seem to move from forum to forum, and they are unerring in their ability to bring up the same issues, over and over. Meanwhile, the rest of us - aware of the issues - are forced to sort through them to find new nuggets.

Personally, I'm waiting for the oil fix, I own 2 D7000s (I shoot professional video with them) and want to trade/sell one to get a new D600. I've toyed with the idea of a "factory refurbished" just to maybe increase my chances of avoiding the issue.

So I try to monitor the subject - and the chaff-to-wheat ratio is daunting...

moving_comfort wrote:

chlamchowder wrote:

The internet also allows for unremitting pedantry, represented as insight and discovery, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, delivered with an almost Aspergian quality.

Yes, that is one possible shortcoming of free speech...but I'm willing to tolerate that because preventing people from posting stuff I don't want to hear about has pretty bad consequences.

In the case where we have an indexed, time-ranked interface to this pedantry, like the front page of the forum, it can detract from what could be an enjoyable experience reading about other, more useful photography-related subjects.

I think this is where we differ. I don't think a forum's main purpose is to provide enjoyable reading. To me, a forum should first aim to provide a space for discussion, question-asking, and debate.

But I still don't think dust/left focus/whatever threads detract from the experience as long as you can scroll past them and look at only what you're interested in. It can be difficult to filter out information, but I think that skill is useful in a wide variety of situations (outside of this site, and even outside the internet), and therefore is definitely worth learning.


Except no-one comes here to learn how to 'filter out information', they come to gather information.

Filtering out information is something you learned long before you came here;  listing that as a positive by-product of using this forum is like saying learning how to recover from injury is a great reason for playing sports.


Next time you see the forum index, for each post, think about whether you're interested. If not, move on. You don't have to look into it, or even think about it.

Really?  I wish I had thought of that!  

If you get to the end of the front page, you can always move to the next page. After a while, you'll train your mind to automatically ignore posts you're not interested in, so all the time you spend on the forum will be focused on topics you do care about.


Thanks for the tips, but you're not talking to kindergartners here.  We know how to use the forum, and we know when it's being polluted by inane, repetitive me-too posts.


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