Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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No - My D400 must be an all-around camera

All-around means meeting both action (primarily birds and performance, not sports) and high resolution requirements (architecture and interiors, landscape, urban scenes, detail still life). 12 mp is no longer competitive in the resolution category, and I have projects for which I want to be able to make large prints. I am not looking for just action shooting - I am looking for a rugged, weatherproof and durable camera for general use for travel, landscape, performance, street shooting, that also shoots action and provides the DX crop for budget (up to the $2500 or so range, not the exotics) long lenses when shooting birds.

I'm looking for a D300s with an up-to-date sensor, AF to f/8, and a couple of other ergonomic and tech upgrades, plus some attention to the DX lens range.

A couple of key DX prime lenses (24mm f/1.4, 16 or 18mm f/2 in particular, 55mm or 60mm f/1.4 would also be very nice) are also really needed to make the DX system complete.

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