Would you buy a camera with Inherent Quirks?

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Re: Nothing is perfect!

Keit ll wrote:

I think I understand what the OP is saying & I have some sympathy with his view. I held off buying the NEX 3 & 5 because I was not satisfied with the menus but mainly because of the lack of an eye level VF.

There is a bigger danger whenever you buy the first generation of any camera , it can have deficiencies & software faults which may or may not be remedied with firmware upgrades.

It took Sony at least 4 firmware upgrades to fix the A700 & the upgrades to the NEX 5 were a big improvement. However you cannot rely on firmware upgrades coming & get little or no sympathy here if you complain about a missing upgrade . You are told in quite severe tones that you should  have done your pre-buying research better ! 

I develop software for a living.  After the product is finished, and people start using the software, they are free to ask for more features, but free features?  Who's going to pay for my mortgage?  Do I do this for free?  Now, if someone doesn't buy my software because it's missing certain features, then I have an incentive to go ahead and add them.  But must I go back to the old version and continue to issue patches -- which requires expensive testing to ensure that problems haven't been introduced -- or can't I insist that the user upgrade in order to obtain newer features?  I can't just program for free forever.

Perhaps this perspective aids my sympathy for Sony in this regard.

For the Nex-5, as you say, we got huge improvements.  I think this is because Sony knew they had to address some issues, and deal with mixed reviews.  I think they did a good job of that.  We can't expect those kinds of changes for free for all cameras.

In the past, I've seen Sony make very few firmware updates for their cameras.  They tend to only do a FW update to fix bugs, not to add features.

The whole problem with'quirks' is that you often don't know about them until it is too late. Most countries do not have the loose liberal policy which allows returns on the grounds that you don't like a product. 

That's a shame!  At any rate, if you're on DPR, between the forums and the reviews, you often find about the worst of the quirks.  Even with cars, it has taken time for me to realize all of the things I need to be sure of on the test drive.  And usually you cannot return the car after you sign the papers.

I have evolved a TEST  which goes like this , if your current camera was stolen how likely would you be to replace it with the same model assuming a later model had not already been released ?   My NEX 7 fails this test.....

But you'll trade one set of problems for a different set of problems.  And maybe you'll find a quirk that you didn't realize until you bought it.  

All I know is, any time I've shopped for cameras, I have not found one without quirks or one that was perfect.  But when I look for features I find appealing, I can find them in Sony cameras.  Go figure!

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