RAID, to?

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Re: RAID, to?

KewlEugene wrote:

hardware board/chip based RAIDs were obsoleted long ago by ZFS aka RAID Z

You should read up on Intel Rapid Storage. It comes on motherboards and is very inexpensive and reliable. ZFS is expensive by comparison and is more for business solutions.

i hookup my Windoze PCs and Android tablet over 1000BT and WiFi to a home ZFS server ii built on a mini-ITX board, ECC RAM, Solaris 11 Operating System, ...

Memory and SSDs and 2 or 3 spindle disk raid on a motherboard are becoming so inexpensive, it does not make sense for the average user to have a over the network storage which when hardwired is only 1gb, sata is 6gb and usb3 is 5gb, then we are talking over wireless is even slower..

but most people who use ZFS have purchased off-the-shelf home ZFS servers bought on eBay,, etc.

You can buy a WD 3tb nas storage device for 179 dollars retail, most people don't need more than that. I looked up on Ebay for the least expensive ZFS server, over 400 dollars including shipping. No storage. Except for redundant raid which you need at least 2 drives for mirroring and 3 for striping, why would you need this much storage and speed, doesn't help much over 1gb lan.

search the dpreview forums for "ZFS" for more info.

The OP was looking to speed up his computer local storage using SSD and or raid0. While I agree your solution works well for business use and possibly for someone who is a geek and wants online backup and multiple storage locations, but it really is cost prohibitive when you can get a 3tb drive on your network for 179 dollars.

But there are some users that want this. If you backed up all your Blue ray disks at and average of 29GB per disk and you have a lot of disks, you may want something like this but again this is outside the norms of the average user. None of my geek friends have a ZFS server for storage. Cost I think is the limiting factor.

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