Best type of light for portaiture?

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Best type of light for portraiture?

mbloof wrote:

You forget that this is DPR where:...

In that case I'd get a set of 5 Profoto D1 500 Monoblocs (don't waste money on lights that change color temperature with power.)  Of course you'll want the Profoto Air Remote to go with it.  Couple those with Manfrotto caster stands with at least 3 booms for flexibility.  Get yourself a variety of Westcott and Profotto softboxes...octaboxes, stripboxes...etc. with matching grids.  A couple California Sunbounce' can use them in and out of the studio.  A beauty dish with grid.  An 18" MyRingLight.  Half a dozen sandbags.  Then you'll need a couple stands a a dozen or so backgrounds...some silk...etc.  Put it all in a 20x30 foot studio with a 15 foot ceiling and decent natural light window that you can close off when moving to all flash.

That should comprise arguably the best and it won't set you back much more than $10,000, plus monthly studio rental.  

P.S.  The OP did say best, so I agree it is fair to say constant color monolights with modeling lights and caster stands are best when compared to are good softboxes with grids to go with them.  Perhaps it would help everyone if the original OP also added a cost target.

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