Do you guys use VR on or off mostly?

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Re: Do you guys use VR on or off mostly?

Without reading other answers first (I will soon) my own rule of thumb is on tripod = VR off, off tripod (ie hand-held) = VR on.

Here is an interesting scenario I encountered recently: I was doing a shot with a bikini model in multiple locations over the frame, by taking a shot, getting her to move to different location, take the next shot and so on (total 6 shots), then layer and blend them all to one pic in PS. Camera is set on tripod and NOTHING changes ie focus, exposure settings etc. I'd done this before, with VR OFF without any problems - pics all layered together perfectly.  So, this one time I forgot to turn VR off.  I found ALL of the images had very slight movement in them compared to other ones, i.e. when layered you could easily see what looked like slight framing change, but it wasn't consistent.  The day was not windy, nothing touched the tripod, nothing else was done differently to other (perfect) times.  The only thing I could think of was that somehow the mechanics of VR was slightly moving something internally.  I've subsequently redone the same thing, again with VR off, and it again worked perfectly.  I'm talking about a change of what looked like maybe +/- 2 cm (max) over a distance of about 10m shot at 200 mm, ie the "background" appeared to have moved slightly (but randomly) no more than 2cm.  The tripod was a heavy Manfrotto 055 PRO with a geared head, sitting on solid flat concrete.  The only thing I can attribute it to is the VR being on.  But it reinforced my rule that I now always turn VR off when the cam is on pod.

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