16mm pancake?

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Re: 16mm pancake?

deryn wrote:

Hi all, I guess I'm realising that it is people that take great pics and not lenses. Yes lenses help to produce a pic in a particular way. But ultimately the person behind the lens takes the pic.

A couple of posters had suggested that they had tried some legacy wide angle lenses on the Nex, and they said that they weren't all that great, particularly on the corners.  So, it's not just that the 16mm lens is imperfect, it's that wide lenses are often imperfect, and how do they compare?  If you don't want the 16mm because of negative reports, what are you going to buy that is so much better and at what price?

The 16mm has its limitations and if these are worked with then it is obvious some great pics can be produced. Someone not aware of its limitations might be really disappointed with the results though.

Maybe, but I would think only someone who is more demanding would be really disappointed.

Woud I buy the lens? I probably wouldn't be able to get the best from it and so I don't think I would consider it. That would leave me with expensive alternatives I guess.

Why wouldn't you get the best of it?  If you're outdoors, use f8 or maybe slightly wider aperture.  Seems easy enough.  


With the new 16-50, I think the hard part would be deciding which to use, if having both of those lenses.  With the 18-55, it's an easier decision -- I find I prefer the 16, at least once past f4.  Then again, indoors, I can get almost a stop of light advantage and the corners are often not an issue.

I am not sure how hard it is to "get the best out of it", but a better alternative is going to be expensive (like the new Nex 10-18).  The 16+UWA combo is pretty affordable in comparison and probably a better solution for those of us who are budget conscious.  (I'm not paying $900 for a lens, regardless of how good it is. But that's just me.)  You'll pay a ton more for a slight improvement.

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