A couple of Woodies...

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Re: A couple of Woodies...

windmillgolfer wrote:

Good set Vito. Is there anything special food wise in the feeder? Woodpeckers are rare and very shy here in the UK.

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Thanks - the adult downy is there every day - and I think there may have been a juvenile last week, I hope to see more. I was very happy to see the red bellied wp, this was a first. I'm hoping that return visits are in the future.

Unfortunately I am shooting through a double hung and storm window, so the images aren't as sharp as they could be. When it gets warmer here in New England I can open the windows, but it has been almost 20 degrees colder with wind chill. That is supposed to change today.

The bird feeder is filled with black sunflower seeds that are definitely a favorite for the chickadees and nuthatches. I also blend in a (purchased) mix of white millet, peanut pieces, striped sunflower and safflower seeds. This seems to attract quite a few different birds.


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