GPS logger and geotagging question

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Re: GPS logger and geotagging question

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afoton wrote:

If then, I can recomend the AK-G gps from Aokatec. It is not Bluetooth, it is just a gps in the plug. Little bigger than the Bluetooth plugs, but one device less.

Don't underestimate that the Aokatec has some serious effect on the battery of your camera. There is a reason for splitting those two hardware components.

My main consern when it comes to battery usage, is to have enough extra batteries. All GPSs use power. If the GPS can use power from the camera battery, as the Aokatec plug does, I just need one type extra batteries (and one charger if I have the oportuniti to do charging). With the GPS as an extra device, I need two types of extra batteries, and chargers. For longer travels, I prefere as easy logostics as possible. That is the reason that I prefere not to split those two hardware components.

You simply don't need as much reserve batteries with a split solution. Furthermore it is possible to still shoot photos after the GPS receiver drained the build-in battery, compared to the Aoka where you can't use the camera after the GPS drained all of your battery power.

It mostly depends on the usage scenario. The split solutions is way more energy efficient and in that regard to be prefered in most cases.

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