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Re: Sony ... standard once the patent runs out

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

GeraldW wrote:

Oly licensed 4/3 to a number of companies, including Kodak, at the start.  It did not start as proprietary.

What did Oly need to license to Kodak, in order for Kodak to deliver a sensor?

Kodak was a supplier, pure and simple. Buy stuff from them, and they would happily send out a rep to stand beside you on a podium and say they'd "joined your consortium", "partnered with you", "were having your love child" (that might take a bigger order). If there's enough zeros on the check, they'd send an officer of the company or two.

Every last person in the original four thirds "consortium" was a supplier to Oly: Fuji, Sanyo,  Kodak, and Kindai. The only people to "join" since have been lens suppliers like Sigma, Tamron, Schneider, and Cosina Voigtlander. People who were all capable of reverse engineering the mount and building lenses without "joining" nonexistent consortia. That would just look bad for Ony and Panasonic. Especially Oly, back in the day when they were spreading fertilizer about four thirds being "the first open standard". Yeah, "open" only to a few people capable of catching you in a lie.

Proprietary, from day 1.

Well, if that's the view you take, can you explain what photographic standards you regard as open and how they differ from the Four Thirds thing? Or what should have taken place for, in your view, Four Thirds to be deemed "open".


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