Strange Panasonic sensor strategy!

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Strange Panasonic sensor strategy!

I keep wondering what is the Panasonic strategy when it comes to sensors.

Nearly all major camera makers (Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Sony) use the best sensor avilable in their lesser model (Rebels, D5xxx, X-E1, E-PL5, Nex,...).

Panasonic is different.

They keep the best sensor for their flagship and recycle older technology in their lesser models (GF6 with GX1 sensor, G6 with GH2 sensor,...)

This strategy frustrates a lot of customers.

Not to say that thoses sensors are bad, they are good actually. But the problem is competition.

The GX1 and GH2 sensors, even if very good, are outdated by new technology readily available, even in Panasonic camp (GH3).

For the GF6, It's understandable, as the vast majority of targeted customers are not likely to care about the sensor. But the G6 clearly targets enthusiasts who are aware about sensor technology and are often pushing RAWs in PP.

So, why Panasonic is using this risky strategy?

The only rationale explanation that comes in mind is that Panasonic use their own made sensors to increase their profits margins, which would suggest that the GH3 sensor is not made by Panasonic.

But is it the good strategy to keep the customers satisfied?

What do you think?

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