Which 27'' screen to buy

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Re: Which 27'' screen to buy

I am myself not an expert in color science. I have read on the Internet and have learned some basic but important information. Dell U2713h is an 8bit + FRC monitor and I tested the banding issue is gone with some test images. For me that is good enough. Whether a 6bit +AFRC is as good as an 8bit display, I don't know. On the other hand, I certainly wanted to have a wide gamut monitor with good sRGB support and U2713 is certainly one according to the reviews. So far I have mostly used it in sRGB mode. The display clearly exhibits a high quality image output which must be a result of several factors: display size, adequate resolution, color and contract performance. Good quality images really pop up and shine on this monitor to my non-expert but yet, probably careful and objective eyes. I wish I has enough money to even move up to the 30" version. Size make a difference, all other factors being equal. The only problem I have found with this monitor so far: it is too bright for my eyes and I have set it to minimum brightness which is still adequately bright.

As per weight difference: I guess the main reason is in the type of materials being used. Dell uses a lot of plastic, I imagine while the Asus must have used a lot of metal. Casing on the Dell monitor is polycarbonate. All other factors being equal, I have a preference for the metal. It gives the impression of a solid reliable monitor.

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