NEX-3n -- shipping back right away!

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Re: NEX-3n -- shipping back right away!

Throwing a tantrum because a charger is not time make sure you come crying on the forum because the camera kit does not include a rear lens cap and body cap. Oh wait, why didn't you cry about this with your NEX-3N purchase too?

By the way, do you realize Sony saves very little with this approach? The charging cable is not simply a cord and a plug. It has the bulk of what a stand-alone charger has: the transformer unit. The rest are just some simple IC and and electrical contacts. That's why 3rd party chargers only cost like $5 each.

So which would you prefer:

- Not having to buy a $5 separate charger, OR

- Having the ability to charge your camera by plugging it to a PC, laptop, or one of those juice packs?

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