D7100 or K-5IIs

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Re: D7100 or K-5IIs

Underdog 3000 wrote:

All of the K-5s attributes as written before are correct.  However there are a few draw backs.

As earlier stated there are only 9 cross points.

Very limited third party involvement.

If you have any video interest (besides the PAL folk) look elsewhere.  Honestly, only HD at 25fps?

Lastly, you have written about this before.  It's time to put on your big boy pants.  Order a K-5IIs and a D7100 at the same time.  Play with them a lot for about three weeks without injury and return the loser.  Most online retailers (Adorama) will do full refund.

This is why I have a K-5 and not a D7000.  As another stated  - feels like a plastic brick.

Good luck!

BTW make sure you include the kit lens with your order.


I REALLY wanted those dual SD card slots on the D7000 when I got my K-5 1.5 years ago (and I didn't even know about their faster write times vs. the single Pentax slot at that time -- dual slots can also be used like SATA RAID, with each picture writing to BOTH, so you have AUTOMATIC backup so if you have a card fail, you'll still not lose a picture).

But I still think Pentax is bang-for-the-buck better than Nikon, although I'm ADAMANT they need to add faster dual card slots and increase their number of AF points in their replacement for the K-5 series. I DO NOT see either of those as items for "consumers," but rather as things really appealing to serious photographers. As for the 24 MP, frankly, Nikon is giving its customers the option for a higher crop value at a reduced 15 MP, which is a neat way to do it. I'd like the higher MP mostly so I could print larger without sacrificing quality... 24MP @ 16 x 20 is EXACTLY 255 dpi, which is considered "professional-level" printing quality.

This is why I'm still holding off on buying a second Pentax body... waiting for them to come out with a new model that has more of what I want in addition to all the really GREAT things the K-5 already has (the additional 3 EV on the K-5II cameras is nice, though -- they can KEEP that, lol).

If anyone wonders, I probably read reviews AND specs of BOTH the D7000 AND the K-5 half a dozen times over the course of three or four weeks before I finally decided in the summer of 2011... Had I NOT had a couple "legacy" Pentax lenses I discovered would be stabilized on the K-5, I MIGHT have gone with the D7000, but I'm still glad I didn't.


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