Stupid printer (dpi) question, or maybe not so stupid.

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Re: Stupid printer (dpi) question, or maybe not so stupid.

Freeman-Jo wrote:

I don't print stuff myself because to me the concept of calibrating printer seem like a dark art to me(no relation to Harry Hotter here). I mean, for me, as a non-professional protographer who don't print on daily basis, it seem more trouble than it worth. But I like big print. Generally I just grab a printer profile from drycreek and order 12x18 or 20x30 at Costco. And if I'm lazy, then I just convert to sRGB instead before uploading. If my process is wrong, or then you are welcome to make suggestion. I probably have around ten or more of 20x30 and over fifty 12x18 and have them around the house. Since they are inexpensive I am not worry much. I can order more print for that price. So my knowledge in this area is tiny.

I do all my own printing using a relatively cheap HP Photosmart Premium printer (A4 size) and I have never calibrated anything. I am strictly amateur so I do not have customers to please, but I am myself completely satisfied with the quality of the prints.

I use an iMac computer and find that the factory-supplied screen calibration is perfectly acceptable (and it hasn't changed over time, as far as I am aware).

I enjoy doing my own printing and I have never found it necessary to find out about colour calibration, although I am aware that a lot of enthusiasts say it is essential. I think it is a bit like the choice of whether to shoot in raw or jpeg!

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