Which NEX lenses have the "WOW" factor?

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Re: Which NEX lenses have the "WOW" factor?

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I'm a long time Olympus DSLR user (most recently E-30) who recently purchased the NEX 6.  I purchased the camera with the 16-50 kit lens.  I've been having a great time getting acquainted with the camera, love the small form factor, and the improved IQ over my E-30.  While the kit lens is adequate, there's no "wow" factor like there is with my Zuiko 50-200 lens or 14-54 lens.  Obviously a kit lens can not compete with these.  So now that I'm comfortable with the new camera, I'm ready to spread my wings and buy some better quality lenses.  I do street photography, portraits, landscapes, etc.  So I was looking for some real life experience on which lenses give you that "wow" factor.  Your advice is much appreciated.

I've had most of the Emount lenses. Like you, I enjoy street photography and portraits; though, I don't do a lot of landscape.

But I have come to the conclusion that the Sony Zeiss 24/1.8 is in a league of its own. I liked the sharpness of the Sigma 30/2.8, but it was lacking otherwise for me. The SEL50/1.8 is a terrific lens for how it renders, but that focal length was a bit limiting for me on streets (it's pretty nice for portraits, though).

But I ended up having the Zeiss 24 on my 5N much of the time. I love that it can focus as close as 6". I've purchased a full frame camera and none of the competing 35mm lenses, that are equivalent to the Zeiss 24, can focus closer than about 12", so the Zeiss has much benefit over the top 35s on a FF camera (sans the RX1, which has a macro mode).

As I noted, I have a FF camera now and I am trying to sell some of my NEX lenses that overlap with the focal lengths I now shoot on my Canon 6D. But I put the Zeiss 24 up for sale and when someone made me a reasonable offer, I balked. I couldn't sell it. It's a terrific lens and I am sure it would fit many of the OP's needs with its versatility.


The 2nd photo of those wenches in the snow has that Zeiss 3D POP! infact if you Google Zeiss 3D effect your photograph is one of the top results! The snow and the contrast has your eye dancing everywhere. Top top shot.

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