Where did you find your legacy lens? Share

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Re: Where did you find your legacy lens? Share

thenewcameraguy wrote:

what kind of places would one find a legacy lens like zeiss, contax , voiglander etc. please share your biggest scores. Thanks

Mine was olympus 38 1.8 for $40 at antique store.

SLR lenses were already in my cup-board, most of them I just had to pull them out again.

RF lenses came new from amazon (tax-free at the time), used from ebay. Another resource to check is Craigslist (US).

Interestingly, the 'current' (ie. still being manufactured) RF (voigtlander, zeiss) lenses are holding their prices in the used market, but the 'used' (contax-g, voigtlander, SLR) lenses seem to actually be going up in value.

E.g. I paid $200 for the (now legacy) voigtlander color-heliar 75mm f/2.5 (the M39 LTM mount). If you can find one today, the going price seems to be around $400. (The updated and larger current f/1.8 M mount goes for around $800).

Also, the 'current' RF lenses are being released in batches. If you were to order a new one, you'd have to wait for stock to become available (I had to wait on voigtlander and zeiss lenses).

My 'best' deals were for the A-mount lenses: $75 for the SAL75300 (new $250); also $75 for the SAL50F18 (new $170); and $50 for the SAL1855 (new $220): all in excellent condition. That is $200 for $750 worth of lenses (75% discount). (I purchased the SAL35F18 new).

Other interesting lenses: I paid $50 for an OM 35/2.8 lens, which is now listing for about $150, if in excellent condition (65% discount).

Sony raising the prices on some of the lenses also seemed to help:

I paid $799 for the original SEL18200 (new), tax-free, and it seems that I can still get that money back today. Not bad, considering that the lens was in short supply at the time (I ordered out-of-state - tax-free & no-shipping charge).

Also, the SEL24F18Z is worth mentioning, I paid (Sony) $950, I believe at the time, with some promotion.

Oh, I got a 2nd E16 + VCL-ECU1 for $125 (together, unused). New would have been about $300.

It seems that I accumulated more lenses than I should have, but it appears that I can get even money on most of the lenses that I acquired new, and double my money on those that I acquired used. Interesting phenomenon.

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