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Airless wrote:

Time to settle this debate once and for all, at least until this year's new cameras are all announced. I'm dead set on finding out which camera brand is truly the best. Here are the choices:










These are roughly in order of how likely they should be to win. So pick the best brand(s) and defend your choice. Informed, well-articulated comments are preferred, and no trolling please; nobody likes to see decent threads get sabotaged. No reason why a solid discussion can't take place without a flame war.

Now have at it!

P.S. I'll start: Olympus is the best brand because it has cool retro styling, professional IQ in a very portable sized camera, retro design, IBIS, a wide range of lenses (including compatible Panasonic and 3rd party lenses), compact-sized lenses, strong secondary market, reasonably priced, rumored fast zoom lens coming, and Olympus is an awesome name. Sony is cool too but their NEX lenses aren't quite as good, not as much selection, and too large.

the question of who is the best camera company or who makes the best camera are quite different questions. I am guessing that Nikon may have the best bottom line as canon is so huge and diversified its hard to know how much profit thier cameras make. Leica still manages to survive which in this day of huge coorprations is a reall feat.

I have no idea who makes the best camera way too many variables and way to much opinion which a lot of strom and drang but meaning nothing

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